How To Prepare Your Durham Home for A 3D Plan

How To Prepare Your Durham Home for A 3D Plan

How To Prepare Your Durham Home for A 3D Plan

How To Prepare Your Durham Home for A 3D Plan

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your home with Moovd, to get the best out of your property advertisement we don’t just take professional photographs, but we also carry out 3D Floor Plans to help people take a virtual walk around your home.

In this blog we discuss how to prepare your home for the plan to take place.

Organise & declutter.

Step one is to always organise each room and remove anything that doesn’t need to be there. Think about how the room will be seen from every angle. It’s also the perfect opportunity to clean the room and fix up any areas that may need small repairs. Remember a 3D plan sees each room from a 360-degree angle.


Dressing each room is equally as important as decluttering. Making your home look as appealing as possible is helped with some little finishing touches. Think about fresh flowers, or fruit bowl. It’s also wise to think about the removal of everyday objects such as a bin.

Know what you want to be seen.

As we previously mentioned a 3D plan sees your home in its complete form so bare this in mind with what you want potential buyers to see and what things you don’t. Keeping personal accents are still important as it creates a lived-in look but too much can be off putting.

 Don’t forget the exterior.

Our 3D plans also include the exterior of your home both front and back to ensure your home has curb appeal and is ready for it’s closeup. Think about tidying away any unwanted or dying plants and giving the fence a fresh lick of paint, perfect as the weather gets warmer.

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